Mouth props are used in dentistry to improve visibility and access during a number of procedures. Mouth props are available in different sizes or shapes, depending on the procedure needed. However, current mount prop designs still require the dentist to use a mirror to pull back the cheek to achieve adequate visibility and access to the mouth. This may cause discomfort to the patient. We have designed a novel Single Cheek Retraction device that will allow for the dentist to have complete access to the mouth without having to use the mirror to pull the cheek. Numerical simulations and tests with volunteers will aim at demonstrating that our device can significantly reduce patient’s discomfort, as well as eliminate the need for the dentist to adopt a bad posture to operate the mirror, in particular when the procedure involves the upper teeth.

A Novel Single Cheek Retraction Mouth Prop Device for Upper Dental Procedures

AdvisorDr. Alessandro Bellofiore

Authors: Wayne Lehr, Sergio Perez-Smith