A device was experimented to help track the progression of spinal movements, preventing patients from back muscle misalignment and poor posture. This device promotes spine health by recording slouched movements throughout the day and tracking the data interactively with any smart device. It will allow data sharing of 3D visualizations and notify any necessary health changes that need to be made by the user. This will help delay the progression of the spinal curve, preventing patients from back problem or painful treatments. The main vision is detecting and preventing bad posture through utilizing open source components and wearable electronics. With spine health being neglected, other health consequences can result. This device is intended to be a way of improving spine health by interacting with the user and providing the ability to personalize, customize and maintain your health priorities.

A Wearble Device Detecting Poor Posture

AdvisorBrandon Stark

Authors: Benjamin Bocanegra, Adiam G-Egzabher, Huong Phan