This presentation examines biomedical traceability and its importance for improving development, production, and use of drugs and medical devices. Biomedical traceability means that the flow of material and information within a biomedical product value chain can be followed from raw materials to patient outcomes. This is important because better traceability has the potential to help improve patient outcomes via innovation and optimize biomedical manufacturing in order to improve safety and quality. This presentation reviews our current understanding of biomedical traceability and identifies gaps in our ability to trace the flow of material and information within biomedical product value chains. This presentation reports findings from a survey of biomedical manufacturing companies’ traceability within their value chains, analyzes the relationships between biomedical traceability and product and process innovation, and offers recommendations for research and innovation for advancing our understanding.

 "Innovation from Biomedical Traceability"


A presentation by Gregory Theyel