Breast implants rank as the most common plastic surgery at 1.7 million surgeries per year. Current advancements seek to use hydrogels in lieu of fat or implants; however, there are no instruments indicated for injecting gel fillers into the breast. Here, we develop a single user breast augmentation device that resolves the high plunger force requirement, reduces the amount of dead volume, and minimizes the overall procedure time. The medical device comprises of a 3D printed handle, a DC motor that drives a plunger through a syringe to dispense the hydrogel through a cannula tip. The project integrates parameters regarding precision, efficiency, and an automated force. Variables identified from bench testing include determination of the flow rate, the speed of the plunger, and resistance. Characterization of the medical device will improve mammaplasty procedures by having a motorized platform. We acknowledge MIBA Medical for customer validation and use of their facility.

Controlled Injection for Breast

Augmentation Filler Material

Advisor: Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

Authors: Raymond Cao, Ruben Casas, Sovannida Nou