Introduction: For lower-extremity amputees, one of the largest issues in prosthetic sockets is the build-up of heat and perspiration in the prosthetic liners, due to an airtight seal and heat insulating properties of elastomer liners. A previous study found silica aerogel blankets to be favorable as a prosthetic liner. This project aims to support this study by investigating pressure flow of silica aerogel by cyclic loading. Results and Discussion: To be determined.

Conclusions: If this study provides comparable results to established prosthetic liners, then this material may be chosen as an alternative choice to established liners to provide lower-limb amputees with a breathable, more comfortable liner.

Cyclic Loading of Silica Aerogel for

Application of Prosthetic Liners

Advisor: Dr. Alessandro Bellofiore

Author: Niko Larot