Ketoacidosis is a recurring condition for diabetics using insulin pumps which leads to serious side effects or even death. Standard epidermal needle injections and insulin pumps puncture the skin, making the process painful and at high risk of infection. This calls for a need for a less painful and a more convenient method of injecting insulin into the body. The InsulPort provides a virtually painless method for both the injection of insulin into the body and the testing of blood glucose levels, an effective way of treating ketoacidosis. The InsulPort offers extended sterile use without mobility restrictions and is compatible with most insulin pens and glucose monitors. This silver carboxylate dual port system consists of one port connected to a catheter, where insulin is diffused into the peritoneal cavity, while the second port provides for blood extractions via a pressure gradient mechanism.

Implantable Peritoneal Port for Insulin

Delivery and Blood Glucose Analysis

Advisor: Dr. Guna Selvaduray

Authors: Opinder Dhami, Arun Kumar, Jasiah Sta. Maria,

Lorenzo Pesino, Gautham Rangaraj, Catharin Schweer