Biodegradable nanoparticles have been used frequently as drug delivery systems due to their better bioavailability, encapsulation efficiency, and controlled release rate. Current insulin delivery techniques, such as insulin pens and pumps, are invasive and cumbersome for diabetic patients because they incorporate the use of needles. In order to eliminate the pain and fear associated with injecting insulin, we are developing a needle-free, long lasting, and affordable transdermal patch that will deliver insulin through the skin using polymer based nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are characterized using tools such as AFM and UV-Spectroscopy to determine the size and shape of polymer coated insulin. Results show the formation of nanoparticles with the size of less than 260 nm and encapsulation efficiency of 69%. A membrane-controlled transdermal patch will be synthesized and ex-vivo studies using the Franz Diffusion Cell will be performed to determine the drug release rate through porcine skin.

Non-invasive Insulin Transdermal Patch

Advisor: Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

Authors: Guneet Bhogal, Ashleen Sandhu, Madiha Shah