The greatest barrier to surgical resident education and training is the cost associated with time spent in the surgical suite. The PressNTenseTM is a retrofit to the traditional endoscopic grasper designed to provide real-time visual feedback, allowing attendings to oversee residents’ movements thereby decreasing the number and duration of instructional interventions. Developing the necessary fine motor skills needed to perform laparoscopy takes surgeons 4-7 years. Teaching hospitals need a way to minimize OR-intensive laparoscopic surgical training times to reduce the educational cost. Reducing cost allows hospitals to meet the demand for exposure to advanced laparoscopic procedures in surgical residency programs. In laparoscopic surgery, teaching the optimal manipulation of the surgical tool is especially problematic, because the attending is one step removed from actual tissue contact. As a result, attending surgeons frequently interrupt procedures to evaluate the resident’s course of action, increasing the duration and thus operating cost.

PressNTense™: A Retrofit to the Endoscopic Grasper Designed to Provide Real-Time Visual Feedback

Advisors: Dr. Benjamin Hawkins, Dr. Shuvo Roy

Authors: David Orozco, Julia Yang