Prescription medication abuse waste resources and costs lives. We have designed, characterized, and manufactured a tamper resistant smart pill dispenser to improve proper access to prescription medication while mitigating abuse. It is equipped with a biometric sensor that verifies the patient’s identity using fingerprint authentication prior to dispensing the medication. The system can be configured by the pharmacist to adjust the dispensing conditions according to the prescription. The device was built with bluetooth connectivity along with audio and visual indicators to periodically remind the patient of an impending dose to be taken. Preliminary results of investigation suggests that the onboard FLASH memory on the optical fingerprint sensor can store up to 162 fingerprints and has >90% accuracy with identifying the correct print.

Smart Pill Dispenser

Advisor: Dr. Benjamin Hawkins, Manizheh Zand

Authors: Palakdeep Banwait, Carolyn Jaring,

Mario Medina, Siddhrajsinh Solanki