Current lumbar spinal suport system lack comfort and do not provide the support necessary to prevent disc herniation in workers required to lift up to 50 Ibs. SJ Biomechanics' solution is an affordable, durable, and sleek back brace that is effective when activated, and flexible when deactivated. Bench testing of the prototype's core mechanism demonstrated the relationship between cable tension and brace rigidity. An investigation of the brace's mechanical properties using an engineering model in MATLAB shows the components will withstand 50 Lb lift tasks without material failure. A bend test will be conducted using a human torso analogue which will simulate how the human body would exert forces on the brace in order to reflect real-world operating conditions. Further benchtop and human testing will allow for a maximization of back injury reduction potential.

SpineSafe: A Variable Rigidity Industrial Lumbar Brace

Advisor: Jennifer Sylvester, DPT

Authors: Sean Arin, Kevin Bencini, Ari Schwartz