Elbow injuries are common among active individuals, such as athletes, military personnel, and hard laborers. Excessive and improper use of the elbow joint can lead to chronic pain that greatly affects performance and quality of life. To design a solution to this need, the team developed a compression sleeve integrated with a biosensor, electrical stimulation, and an inertial measurement unit to help directly induce therapeutic effects. Preliminary indications and the team's hypotheses indicate that a compression sleeve, embedded with a lactic acid sensor, electrical stimulation equipment, and inertial measurement unit, will provide therapeutic effects and speed up recovery time. Continuous research, bench testing, and experimentation on human subjects will be performed to determine the efficacy of the device.

Therapeutic Elbow Sleeve

Advisors: Shahab Ardalan, Dr. Guna Selvaduray

Authors: Aidan Acosta, Bradley Los, Avtaar Mahe