Bone fractures are one of the most common physical injuries that people encounter, which usually include either a whole or partial break in anatomic bone structures. In the United States alone, approximately 7.9 million bone fractures occur per year. Approximately up to 8 weeks after a bone fracture, patients are unable to move the injured body part, and they often require additional recovery time doing physical therapy to regain strength in the bone. The vibration therapy device is a wearable, external device designed to speed up callus formation and therefore reduce the overall time required to fully heal the fracture. By applying a low-intensity vibration to the site of the fracture, the load applied stimulates the osteoblasts in the area, and promotes the increase of callus formation around the fracture.

Vibration Therapy Device for Faster Healing of Bone Fractures

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Sylvester

Authors: Megan Gilmore, Hsiao Ting Lin