The risk factor for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) increases with immobility. It has been shown that venous stasis due to inadequate activation of the calf muscle pump may give rise to deep vein thrombosis, which can lead to potentially fatal pulmonary embolism. DVT is a common condition that can be prevented by using pharmaceuticals or non-chemical prophylactics. However, current at-home therapies are associated with a low patient compliance and/or unwanted side effects. There is a need for a user-friendly, effective prophylactic device that can be used comfortably in a variety of settings. The proposed device is meant to provide an easier, non-invasive, and portable prevention method for those who are at risk for developing a blood clot in their legs, such as immobility after surgery or long-haul flights. Using test volunteers, comfort and patient compliance were assessed. Preliminary testing on efficacy based on blood flow velocity in the calf has been promising; further analysis will be conducted to confirm that the device is effective as a DVT prophylactic.

A Novel and User-Friendly Leg-Wrap that Utilizes Electrical Stimulation and Heat for Prevention of DVT

Advisosr: Dr. Alessandro Bellofiore

Author: Hasti Jafarnejad