The Acoustic Hyperlens is being designed to improve medical imaging to produce higher resolution images to more accurately diagnose, treat, and identify diseases. Currently, high resolution non-destructive imaging tools are essential to the medical field, however, do not go beyond the diffraction limit, leading to less detailed images. Achieving images above the diffraction limit occurs when subwavelength waves, that normally decay at the source, are retained and converted into propagating waves. This allows the detail carried in the subwavelength waves to be added into the final image resulting in higher resolution. In this project, we will explore materials that can be incorporated into an Acoustic hyperlens to allow the wave conversion. Results will be based on simulations and acoustic performance of the hyperlens. With this Acoustic Hyperlens, better imaging techniques will be utilized to enhance the performance of imaging within the medical field.

Acoustic Hyperlens

Advisor: Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

Authors: Sam Charles, Thao Ngyuen, Devon Pollard