Metal additive manufacturing is a pioneering technology with an expected market of $776.8M by 2020. Its ability to offer versatility of design and time efficiency makes the metal 3D printing very desirable in the medical device industry. This project utilizes the technology to develop a spine template, a patient specific device used to help guide pins during a spinal surgery. The technology uses a computer aided design file which conveniently allows users to adjust the dimensions based on the patient. The market for patient specific spine templates is expected to reach $17B by 2021. Several samples made out of 316L stainless steel will be printed using the EOS M 290 printer. The samples will be used investigate the mechanical, metallurgical, and biocompatibility properties of the processed metal to determine its performance for the medical application.

Development of a Spine Template Using Metal 3D Printing

Advisors: Dr. Ozgur Keles, Dr. Guna Selvaduray, Quyen Chu, Ross Benz

Authors: Daniel Fok, Pamela Rochelle Ong, Kalkidan Zewdu