The objective of this project is to develop, characterize, and validate a lamination process that focuses on flexible substrates used in electronic patches without compromising the integrity of the electrical components, in particular, the battery. Some of the applications of lamination include smart breast patches, wearable technologies, and programmable cards. Our goal is to find the ideal conditions of lamination in terms of temperature, pressure, and time to allow cost/ time efficient massive production. The methods employed in this project consist of three phases: initial lamination, optimized lamination, and environmental testing post-lamination. Our testing will determine strong adhesion, ideal conditions (temperature and pressure) and maintain the integrity of the battery under a given range of humidity. The test methods conducted to validate the lamination process is the peel test and a cycled temperature-humidity test.

Lamination Development

Advisor: Dr. Guna Selvaduray

Authors: Jerusalem Darkera, Alex Lim, Lorenzo Pesino