Hospitals are complex ecosystems with hundreds of clinical and business processes and patient care machines. Its considerable impact on patient care quality if patient machines (Camera, Infusion Pump, Patient Monitor, C Arms, etc.) and business procedures are interconnected analyzed and presented in a consolidated view. In this way, hospitals can realize overall increase in operational efficiency. In this scenario, Obaid Health Connect System (OHC) is conceived. The system consists of health connect gateway that consists of three important subsystems - communication layer abstraction to receive events (HL7 format) from machines, data modeling layer to easily encapsulate business processes and presentation layer to present and administer (configure) the aggregated data. The gateway is installed on-premise (without any need for internet connection) in hospital environment in order to meet all security and compliance requirements of a typical healthcare system. The first digital test was performed on an Urgent Care facility that provides care to 30 patients on a daily average. The main evaluation metrics were usability, flexibility, and average time spent on patient vs. non-patient care activities.

The digital hospital: Streamlining Processes+Machines to improve patient care

Advisor: Mohammad Sufian Badar

Author: Obaid Khan