Advancing Prosthetic Technology For Global Accessibility

A presentation by Jan Andrysek, Ph.D.



Lower limb amputations are a major physical disability affecting an estimated 1 in 200 persons. Prosthetic devices play a critical role in enabling mobility and in-community accessibility.  However, in many parts of the world including in low and middle income countries (LMIC), accessibility to affordable and functional prosthetic devices and services is greatly lacking. This talk will focus on past and current research aimed at developing cost-effective prosthetic interventions, including the All-Terrain knee. The All-Terrain knee is a high-performance prosthetic knee joint emerging from a decade of research. It is now offered in over 30 countries, including the United States and also many LMICs.  The talk further aims to shed light on globally-focused efforts in the provision of prosthetic technology, and achieving sustainable, equitable and evidence informed deployment. This includes examples of measurement and evaluation (M&E) activities currently being conducted in places such as Cambodia and Tanzania. The M&E activities aim to generate data to further support the importance of providing access to high-quality, affordable assistive devices to enable healthy, productive and dignified lives.