Opportunities and Challenges for Health Tech Startups in Emerging Markets – an African example.

A presentation by Ejike Anih



Diabetes and trauma are amongst the leading causes of amputation in sub-Saharan Africa – and current trends indicate that this will only get worse in the foreseeable future. Health tech holds much promise in these markets: prosthetics for restoration; wound care and diabetes management for prevention. IfeanHealth is a Bay Area health tech startup specifically focused on the African marketplace. We began by providing prosthetic and orthotics solutions in Nigeria and over time, added wound care into our portfolio. We are currently expanding into other African markets and at the right time, will incorporate diabetes care into our business.   


However, tech-enabled healthcare startups in Africa still struggle to attract the requisite investment for growth – and as a result, are unable to fully meet the needs of the markets in which they operate. My presentation will explain how we made it work at IfeanHealth, discuss mistakes that some startups make with healthcare in Africa and conclude with a review of investment opportunities that US investors could explore.