Tumor Treating Fields for Cancer Therapy

A presentation by Folarin Erogbogbo, Ph.D.



Tumor Treating Fields (TTF) are mild electrical fields that pulse through the skin and interrupt cancer cells ability to divide. TTFs have been approved by the FDA for the “difficult to treat brain cancer” glioblastoma. Metastatic triple-negative breast cancer (mTNBC) is another “difficult to treat cancer” that is biologically aggressive and has poor prognosis. TNBCs lack cell surface receptors for estrogen(ER), progesterone(PR), and Her2; thus, TNBCs cannot be treated by conventional receptor-targeted therapy. Drugs used for TNBC therapy suffer from issues of poor bioavailability, poor cellular uptake, resistance, and undesirable off-site toxicities. Treatments for TNBC remain in flux with many options, thus there is an intense interest in finding new therapy for TNBC. While TTFs have been commercially approved for GBM, the effects of TTFs on TNBC are mostly unknown. The rationales above drive our goals to study TTFs on TNBC in preclinical models. This presentation will introduce audiences to the use of TTF as a medical device and the anticipated challenges in applying it broadly to breast cancer.