Accelerated Blood Coagulation using a DBD Plasma Generator

Authors: Shivam Singh, Chalini Ekanayake, Sukhjap Purewal, Christopher Alvarado, Domingo Castro

Advisor: Dr. Sohail H. Zaidi

Plasma medical application involving rapid wound healing and sterilization are gaining attention due to its simplicity and effectiveness. In this work, we have demonstrated two different designs of dielectric barrier discharge (BDB) plasma jets. In the first design (US-Patent 9,433,071 B2) an active method was used to control the plasma jet properties whereas in the current design passive techniques are employed. New probe was characterized, and a blood drop was exposed to plasma to visualize the impact. During the plasma exposure, conversion of prothrombin to thrombin occurred that cleaved the fibrinogen to form fibrin. This process was captured by imaging the fibrin web that trapped the red blood cells and caused coagulation. Coagulation process captured with (~1 minute) and without plasma (~4 minutes) clearly demonstrated the plasma effectiveness. Details of plasma probe design and experimental results will be included in the presentation.