Ejike Anih, CEO

Ejike is the Founder and CEO of IfeanHealth, a Bay Area health tech startup with specific focus on the African marketplace. His team is addressing the healthcare needs of segments historically ignored on the African continent: rehabilitative orthopedic technology (prosthetics & orthotics) and pharmaceuticals (mother & child).


Previously, Ejike spent some 6 years at Abbott where he held several roles of increasing responsibilities – in medical device and pharmaceutical businesses – in North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.  Prior to earning his MBA, Ejike was part of a research team at Case Western Reserve University Hospitals’ Heart and Vascular Institute, where he led research projects in the study of critical factors for vascular development, homeostasis, and sprouting angiogenesis (he is a published author).


Ejike earned a B.Sc in Biology from Truman State University and (after turning down a medical school admission) an MBA from the Kelley Graduate School of Business at Indiana University.


Check out Mr. Anih's presentation abstract here