Conductive Adhesives as Interconnects on a Stretchable Substrate

Authors: Mario Pelella, Jacob Manchester, Peiheng He

Advisor: Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

Technological innovations offer new opportunities to design more creative glucose monitors especially with the possibilities of using stretchable substrates to enhance the comfortably of wearable medical devices. This will benefit the growing world wide population of diabetic patients. Traditionally, circuit boards are manufactured with the use of solder to adhere attachments as interconnects. However, solder is too brittle to be used on stretchable circuit boards. The objective of this project is to identify qualified electrically conductive adhesives and characterize their material properties on a stretchable substrate for use as interconnects. We plan to evaluate conductive adhesives using major tests such as a conductivity under various strain levels test and a shear test with different substrate strain percents. We then determined the acceptable range for a conductive adhesive based on a conductivity and stretch-ability relationship profiles and then rank ordered the conductive adhesives with respect to there adhesive strength profile. We will also test the adhesive strengths between conductive adhesive and silver ink trace and TPU substrate.