Dr. Nanette C. Joyce, D.O., M.A.S

Dr. Nanette C. Joyce, D.O., M.A.S., believes in multidisciplinary patient centered care for treatment and education of rare neuromuscular disorders.  She specializes in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a subspecialty in Neuromuscular Medicine. Her clinical interests focus on the diagnosis and treatment of motor neuron diseases, muscular dystrophies and myopathies. Dr. Joyce also specializes in electrodiagnostic medicine and is uniquely trained in the use of ultrasound to diagnose diaphragm dysfunction in patients with diaphragm paralysis due to motor neuron loss or phrenic nerve abnormalities.

Dr. Joyce completed a clinical research fellowship sponsored by the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine working to develop a stem cell therapy for patients diagnosed with ALS.  She continues to be part of a translational stem cell team, at the Institute for Regenerative Cures, which is dedicated to bringing stem cell therapies to the clinic for patients with neuromuscular disorders. Her clinical research interest focuses on developing better diagnostic strategies and treatments for patients with ALS and other neuromuscular diseases.

She is Assistant Professor of Clinical Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Co-Director of the Multidisciplinary ALS Clinic, and Associate Director of the ACGME Neuromuscular Medicine Fellowship at University of California, Davis.