Acoustic Hyperlens

Authors: Adilene Osuna, Katelyn Christensen, Jeffrey Nguyen

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Leineweber

The resolution of images produced by ultrasound technology is constrained by the diffraction limit, which describes how sound waves bend around objects smaller than half the wavelength and amalgamate with other nearby sound fields. These distortions reduce the overall image resolution. The acoustic hyperlens is capable of overcoming this limit by converting evanescent waves into propagating waves in the far field. This conversion makes enables higher resolution images. The current demonstrator has shown to be functional, but it is too large and heavy to be used practically in a medical setting.The goal of this project is to find a lighter material that can replicate the acoustic properties demonstrated by brass. Simulations with Matlab and COMSOL Software will be done to achieve our goal. Our results will help develop the acoustic hyperlens technology so that it can find its use in medical imaging without being hindered by its weight.