Acute Response to in Vivo Microelectrode Implantation of Floating Microwire Electrode Arrays

Author: Isaac Pelayo

Advisors: Dr. Guna Selvaduray, Yifan Kong, Mina Hanna

In this project we investigate whether sharpened microwire electrode arrays will cause less damage to the brain than the Utah array, the current gold standard for penetrating brain computer interfaces for use in clinical and academic neuroscience studies. Three types of microwire arrays were fabricated: flat polished, angle polished, and electro sharpened. The microwire arrays were created using 18 µm diameter Tungsten (W) wire and coated with Parylene C to create an interwire spacing of 82 µm (100 µm pitch). The fabricated microwire arrays were inserted to a depth of 1.5 mm into the brains of two animal models, rat and sheep. The investigation is still in progress. Current results of the histology indicate that all three types of the microwire arrays cause less damage to the brain cells in both animal models, as compared to the Utah array.