Ambika Bumb

CEO of Bikanta, Dr. Ambika Bumb's area of interest is nanomedicine.  She graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in Economics, while being recognized with the Helen E. Grenga Outstanding Woman Engineer and E. Jo Baker President’s Scholar Awards.  She then obtained her doctorate from Oxford while on the Marshall Scholarship and continued with post-docs at the National Cancer Institute and National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. She has received much recognition for excellence in engineering and was profiled early in Nature as a successful young scientist on the fast-track. Her endeavors have led to multiple patents, publications, and the spin out of the biotech Bikanta that is using nanodiamonds to allow academics and doctors to study and address disease at the cellular level.  Bikanta is one of the first biotechs to be funded by Y Combinator, winner of the Silicon Valley Boomer Venture and CapCon Competitions, a BayBio’s FAST Awardee, and named 1 of 4 Best Diagnostics Startups of 2015 by QB3.  Complementary to her scientific and commercial interests, Ambika has also been involved in national science policy initiatives, particularly related to nanotechnology.

Check out Dr. Bumb's presentation abstract here.