Traditional transdermal nicotine patches have limited success in maintaining abstinence among recovering smokers, as they can only deliver a constant rate of nicotine to the wearer. Our team has researched an innovative transdermal nicotine delivering device, which dynamically adjusts the nicotine dosage to the wearer’s levels of stress. By integrating a multimodal stress sensor with a carbon nanotubule system, our device alters its permeability according to changes in physiological stress, which is measured via skin conductance, skin temperature, and arterial pulse. The device is designed to deliver a larger dosage of nicotine as the wearer’s stress increases, thus mitigating stress-induced cravings. Ultimately, the goal of our device is to increase the long-term abstinence rates of recovering smokers. If successful, we hope to expand our device to treat other addiction disorders, such as alcohol and illegal substance abuse.

An Innovative Nicotine Biosensor Patch

Advisor: Dr. Alessandro Bellofiore

Authors: Thuan Pham,Sayan Roy Chowdhury