Blockchain Implementation of Supply Chain Data Analytics

Authors: Zyrina Alura Sanchez, Hassan Shenasa, Cassandra Villicana

Advisor: Dr. Folarin Erogbogbo

In the emerging digital era, there is demand among supply chain entities for data security, transparency, and ease of use. Blockchain is used in the financial industry and provides secure chains that can be viewed by all relevant parties. This software can create trust during the documentation process demanded by the medical device industry; however, blockchain has not yet been integrated into the medical device sector. A medical device platform must adhere to specific FDA regulations and meet current needs of the industry supply chain. Here, we will create a blockchain platform that conforms to relevant FDA regulations, and obtain use case scenario validation for the platform from medical device companies. The criteria for success will be feasible integration of the prototype into medical device company operating procedures. Effective execution of this project may lead to quicker device production time, prototyping, and location of recalled devices within a secured network.