Compacting the Neural Signal Translator for Portability and Daily Usage

Authors: Tu Pham, Veronica Romo, Maria Tam Tran, Ben Phung

Advisor: Dr. Guna Selvaduray

The medical device company, Cyberkinetics, Inc., has developed a neural signal translator device known as the Braingate system, which functions to restore mobility to people with spinal cord injuries, stroke, or other neurologic diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The device is currently still under clinical runs, and its size is not appealing to the users since the device is not yet designed to be mobile for daily uses. Therefore, the team’s ultimate goal for this project is to redesign the Braingate device to be more compact and portable so it may be more comfortable and appealing to the user of the device. The focus is compacting the size of the decoder and modifying the designs of the head and arm pieces. Ultimately, the team hopes to present a promising design that will be more visually appealing, comfortable, and feasible to be prototype.