Ultra-sensitive, Highly-selective, Real-time Chemical Wearable Sensors and Soft Artificial Muscle


A presentation by Ximin He, Ph.D.


The talk will first introduce a low-cost, high-performance, universal optical molecular sensor based on
hydrogel interferometer. It changes color adaptively to the environment, detectable by naked eye or smartphone. This serves as a powerful tool to sense a variety of gaseous and liquidus molecules in breath and body fluids (sweat, urine, or saliva), which contain rich biomarkers useful for metabolic condition
monitoring or disease prescreening. The highly simple design based on a nm-scale ultra-thin soft film of
submillimeter size exhibits remarkably fast response at sub-second scale, facile fabrication, high
robustness, as well as being scalable and customizable for broad applications. Its versatility has been
demonstrated by diverse applications: a volatile-vapor sensor with highly-accurate quantitative
detection, a colorimetric sensor array for multi-analyze recognition, breath-controlled information
encryption, and a colorimetric naked-eye sensor. Portable and easy-to- use sensors are demonstrated
with smartphone-based colorimetric analysis. Secondly, we have also developed soft optical tracker and
artificial muscle that may benefit remotely guided surgery.