2017 Conference Team

The students below are the team members responsible for organizing and running this year's conference. They are happy to work hard and put in effort to make this year's conference as enjoyable as possible for our attendees.


Vice President, Conference


Associate Vice President, Conference
Lead, Logistics Committee
Lead, Finance Committee


Lead, Marketing Committee


Lead, Registration Committee


Lead, Materials Committee


Lead, Website Committee


Lead, Food Committee


Co-Lead, Marketing Committee


Co-Lead, Registration Committee
Co-Lead, Materials Committee


Co-Lead, Website Committee
Co-Lead, Food Committee


Marketing Committee Members

Dong-Quynh Trinh

Juan Pacheco Garcia

Tam (Maria) Tran

Ragwa Elsayed

Jordan Helledy

Chinmayee Raj

Arun Kumar

Eric Cardiel

Shanelle Swamy

Wendy Ho

Alex Werner

Alec Moldovan

Registration Committee Members

Anida Len

Priya Sidhu

Clark Reyes

Erika Young

Eddy Jimenez

Esther Lopez

Arthur Paquia

Melad Askndafi

Catharin Schweers

Abhinaya Srikanth

Materials Committee Members

Cesar Raygoza

Mee Her

Rocio Hernandez

Terrence Cheng

Pamela Ong

Khan Do

Garrett Murray

Kavil Patel

Website Committee Members

Kaanchan Apte

Ian Qualls

Food Committee Members

Tu Pham

Bradley Filgas

Chris Tio

Steven Huynh

Stanley Wang

Finance Committee Members

Brian Tran

Logistics Committee Members

Pranit Ravuri

Opinder Dhami

Cassandra Villicana

Sukhjiwan Singh

Alex Lee

Zyrina Alura Sanchez

Colin Brady