Hantel was founded in 1999 by Mary and Dave Gallup. Their vision of a company that would bring medical devices to market, with all services provided under one roof, laid the groundwork for building the comprehensive service provider that Hantel is today.  Their mission was to create a company culture and structure that facilitated rapid project turnaround, and provided the flexibility in service needed to meet the unique needs of an extremely diverse clientele, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.  Since then, Hantel has become a leader in contract design and manufacturing, having developed hundreds of products for a wide array of applications.   Hantel retains a highly qualified and diverse workforce with expertise in all aspects of medical device development and manufacturing.   Located near the heart of Silicon Valley and several major universities, Hantel is convenient and accessible to a wide array of device and biotech firms.   Providing fast and flexible service, Hantel was built to meet your needs.