Biomaterials are substances, synthetic or natural, that are derived from biological systems and living cells. It has been shown that cells deposited and grown on a substrate can secrete biomaterials that interact with the substrate, forming a product with unique characteristics. The resulting interfacial biomaterial can have properties that are currently unavailable in natural or man-made materials. The dynamic interactions that occur through the use of living cells can exhibit material properties such as biomimicry or self-replication. This study serves the purpose of discussing the rationale and strategies for selecting optimal substrate materials to interact with cells, and testing these materials for predetermined characteristics. The results of the study will contribute to further development and testing of interfacial biomaterials to be used in different industries. The materials developed can have applications in different areas including medical devices such as: prosthetics, sensors, and adhesives.

Interfacial Biomaterials

Advisor: Dr. Diana Gentry, Dr. Guna Selvaduray

Authors: Opinder Dhami, Arun Kumar