Metal Particle Infused Hydrogel Bandage for Quality Wound Healing

Authors: Manal Ahmed, Suzanne Estella, Jonathan Delos Reyes, Karen Tan, and David Yu

Advisor: Dr. Guna Selvaduary

30 million people in the United States are diabetic and due to nerve damage and decreased blood flow, 15% of those people develop foot ulcers. These wounds may cause pain and infection at the site and result in amputation if left unchecked. Unlike current fabric bandages, hydrogel is a porous and moist material that will not adhere to wound surfaces. Hydrogel bandages are a recent study of interest for healing applications and our team is testing a different combination of additives by incorporating zinc, silver, and chitosan particles to utilize the antibacterial and accelerated healing properties of all these materials in one product. This project highlights the steps taken for development of the metal-infused hydrogel bandage. As a result, an alginate based hydrogel prototype was created with the proper consistency and dimensions of a thin and ductile bandage.