Abstract: Design and Numerical Validation of Trileaflet Mechanical Heart Valves

Trileaflet mechanical heart valves (MHV) offer potential improvements over the current market standard (bileaflet MHV) for valve replacement surgery. Our project focuses on changing the hinge design of a novel trileaflet MHV and determining its effects using numerical tests. The 2016 master project proposed trileaflet MHV design exhibited higher shear stress at the hinge but lower shear stress at the leaflets. The lower shear stress at the leaflets shows promise to reduce the risk of thrombogenesis if the shear stress at the hinge is on par with the bileaflet MHV.  We adapted the SJM bileaflet MHV’s hinge design (butterfly hinge) onto the proposed trileaflet MHV in SolidWorks to observe the changes in shear stress. Steady-state simulations of the bileaflet, original trileaflet, and our modified trileaflet MHVs were then performed in COMSOL to observe the shear stress each MHV exhibits.Our preliminary simulation results show that the modified trileaflet at half the maximum opening angle exhibited slightly higher shear stress compared to the bileaflet MHV.