Design and Validation of a Centrifugal Droplet Generating Microfluidic Chip  

Authors: Radman Ahmadi, Sam Hart, Anh Thu Le, 

Advisors: Dr. Melinda Simon, Dr. Herbert Ernst, Quyen Chu

Lab on a chip (LoC) microfluidic systems allow laboratory procedures to be miniaturized and performed in microscale quantities. In addition to lowering costs, partitioning samples into nano-scale droplets allows for absolute quantification, which detects small amounts of a molecule of interest. Ultimately, the application for the droplet-producing disk would be the ability to perform digital droplet polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR) as diagnostic, genomics, and sequencing preparation tools. The three major objectives for this project are to (1) design a chip and export fabrication of the chip prototype to Jabil Green Point, (2) validate the injection molding process and verify the dimensions of the prototype, and (3) spin the chip on a centrifugal platform to generate a water-in-oil emulsion and evaluate droplet formation by analyzing monodispersity. The results of this project will determine Jabil’s capabilities in injection molding microstructures, and build a foundation for further microfluidic droplet technologies.