Non-thermal, non-equilibrium dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma plumes/jets find applications in medical fields including wound healing and sterilization. Plasma plumes generated in open air can expose the target at a distance thereby reducing the risk of tissue adhering to the plasma surgical equipment. Experiments show that plasma exposure to a wound can have a significant effect on the bleeding control. The proposed DBD plasma discharge has a unique design (US-Patent 9,433,071 B2) where the locations of the plasma generation within the DBD generator can be adjusted during its operation. This affects the plasma plume temperature, plasma jet length, and the degree of ionization at the exit plane. This presentation will describe the design of this plasma device that was operated with atmospheric pressure helium and argon. Preliminary plasma plume characterization results are included. Further design improvements are being suggested and detailed here as well.

Development and Characterization of a DBD Plasma Generator for Medical Applications

Advisor: Dr. Sohail H. Zaidi

Authors: Abel Benitez-Picos, Colin Brady, Cesar Roberto Lainez, Saidomar Temor