Mr. Halperin is an accomplished technology executive, working at the confluence of product and technology, and driving success through strong operational, engineering, and product leadership. He has wide-ranging experience architecting and implementing database, Web, and enterprise solutions and has worked extensively in imaging and digital media.

Among other roles Doug was Senior VP of Engineering & Technology for BoldIQ, which provides optimization solutions to industries that operate in highly complez, constantly changing environments; led operations and engineering for Pictopia, a photo eCommerce company; was President/CTO of Res Express, a Web-based travel reservation system; and was VP of Engineering for WESCO, a leading provider of Electronic Document Management services to Fortune 500 companies. He brings knowledge and his technical acumen to Sunrise to establish the company's West Coast office and help its Pacific coast clients achieve the same success that Sunrise east coast clients have realized.

Mr. Halperin earned his B.S. in Mathematics and M.S. in Computer Science from Brown University and has previously been an adjunct member of the faculty of the computer science department at City College of San Francisco.

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Doug Halperin, Director of Operations