Hannah Chung, Ph.D.

Hannah Chung has been working at Medtronic PLC, Tempe Campus for 6 years as a Principal Process Engineer.  She has worked in multiple process areas in hybrid manufacturing and now is working in Advanced Packaging Facility (APF) for wafer scale technology focusing on process validation.  Before joining Medtronic, she worked at Intel for 5 years in microelectronic packaging pathfinding.  She was a technical lead in both the thin die chip attach and TSV (through silicon via) pathfinding work groups.  Prior to joining Intel, she worked for ASE as a Quality Engineer  and for Winbond Electronics as a Subcontractor Management Engineer.   She obtained her MS degree in Material Engineering at San Jose State University and Ph.D degree in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida in 2006 with research focus on E-beam Lithography and diffractive lens.  She holds two U.S. patents in wafer bond pad mechanical designs.

Check out Chung's presentation abstract here.