Magnetic Resonance Elastography is a technique that can be used to determine the mechanical properties of samples by analyzing the visual and temporal strains caused by the propagation of mechanical shear waves. These shear waves are produced by subjecting a piezoelectric actuator to a voltage and a stiffness map of the sample can be made using an inversion algorithm. MRE has been extended to various ranges of magnetic field strengths (1.5T – 11.4 T). In this study, we show the feasibility of MRE at a low field strength of 0.5T. Due to the low field strength, the system has the capability to acquire images with higher excitation frequencies, give high special resolution, and resolve the stiffness of stiffer materials, which is not possible with high filed systems.

High Resolution Low Field MR Elastography

Advisor: Dr. Shadi Othman 

Authors: Muhammad Waqas