Jeffrey Christian, CEO

Jeffrey Christian is the founder and CEO of Phoenix DeVentures Inc. Founded in January 2001, Phoenix 

DeVentures is dedicated to working with creative medical professionals, entrepreneurs, and established 

medical device businesses to invent and develop solutions for the evolving medical device market. 

Collaborating with clients, Phoenix is experienced in the process of creating new concepts, tackling 

regulatory hurdles, developing products for emerging device markets and manufacturing for small to medium size markets. With nearly 60 employees, Phoenix is a vertically integrated company with 

considerable capabilities in-house.

Prior to founding Phoenix DeVentures Inc., Mr. Christian had been with several startup companies, growing them from the garage through IPO and acquisition. Included in this spectrum of companies was a business failure which provided significant experience on the down side of the startup industry.  Joining Advanced Cardiovascular Systems (ACS) in 1984, Mr. Christian grew through various management roles, including VP R&D and engineering at 2 companies before starting Phoenix 

DeVentures. With over 43 patents (inventor and co-inventor) to his credit, Mr. Christian is experienced 

in the process of generating and developing new products for improving healthcare. 

Additionally, before embarking on medical device career, as a young man Mr. Christian spent 2 years in Japan. He received a BS in engineering from Brigham Young University and completed the Stanford Graduate School of Business Executive Program.