Julia Choi, Ph.D.

Julia Choi, Ph.D., a human factors engineer at Intuitive Surgical, had an unintended (yet happy!) path into med device development. She studied ChemE in undergrad and BME (molecular imaging / cancer research) in grad school. Before med devices, she briefly explored industry (pharma) and government (brain imaging), and is so grateful to mentors and sponsors for their guidance in her career path. She has found “flow” in applying engineering for patients / people, and finds joy in teamwork with engaging challenges focused on human-centered design issues. In med device development, she has had experience in design engineering, clinical studies, quality engineering, risk management, and now has been enjoying the field of human factors engineering. In addition to the discussion, please feel free to ask her questions about deciding on grad school, choosing a graduate advisor, and paths in med device industry.

Check out Dr. Choi's presentation abstract here.