Abstract: Knee Brace for Baseball Players to Stabilize and Perfect Their Pitch

Traditional and lower body pitching delivery phases transitioned by discrete events. The windup to peak knee height initiates the delivery, in which the pitcher generates forward momentum in single support until stride foot contact, which refers to the generation phase. Following foot contact, forward momentum is braced, then transferred to the pelvic-trunk rotation before maximal external shoulder rotation, which refers to the brace-transfer phase in double support. Following maximal external shoulder rotation, the throwing arm's acceleration occurs until ball release; afterward, deceleration transitions to follow-through in single support. Power is lost for most amateur pitchers during the power transfer phase of the pitching motion. This occurs when the front foot is not fully planted, leading to heel to thigh contraction. This contraction leaks power generated in the rear leg and considerably hinders pitch speed. Correct power transfer is an elite motion and often hard to learn. Our solution is a knee brace that allows one-direction movement to promote the proper pitching mechanics. This training device guides the user by preventing heel-to-thigh contraction in the front leg. The one-directional motion superior power transfer occurs from the rear portion to the front leg and up through the body into the pitching arm—this elite motion results in higher fastball speeds.