Tissue engineering aims to create biological substitutes for natural tissues. A challenge in TE is being able to measure the growth and mechanical properties of engineered constructs without harming the living cells. MRI is a safe modality that can be used to monitor the growth of engineered tissues. MRE is a technique that uses the propagation of shear waves to determine the stiffness of tissues without harming the living cells. Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells were differentiated onto spider silk scaffolds to engineer human bone. MRI was used to qualitatively measure the growth of the bone and MRE was used to obtain a quantitative measure of the bone growth indicated by an increase in stiffness. Preliminary results suggest feasibility of using low filed MRI system for monitoring bone development. Future work with the system includes monitoring the morphogenesis evolution of tissue engineered bone cells developed in an MRI compatible incubator.

Low Field MR Elastography and MR Imaging for the evaluation of TE Constructs

Advisor: Shadi Othman

Author: Muhammad Waqas