Abstract: NoLapse - Anti-Stoma Prolapse Device 

Besides invasive surgery that comes with potential post-op complications, the only alternative approach for addressing a stoma prolapse involves mechanical forces that have not reached their full potential of optimization. Stoma prolapse is a late complication that occurs after an ileostomy or colostomy. Various stoma procedures include loop ostomy, transverse loop colostomy, intraperitoneal colostomy formation, and the end ostomy. The four surgical techniques currently available to prevent prolapse are reversal, resection, revision, and relocation of the stoma. Local care of a stoma prolapse is also available, consisting of lying down and manual manipulation to push the intestine inside. There is no medical device out on the market that can be directly inserted into the patient’s stoma to replicate the mechanical forces used to manipulate the stoma and prevent it from prolapsing. There exists a need for a minimally invasive non-surgical option to restrict a stoma from prolapsing. If this need is not met, patients with a prolapsed stoma will only have the option of expensive and time-consuming surgical interventions or insufficient manipulation methods to address their stoma.