Non-invasive Glucometer using Optical Vasodilation for Early Detection of Preventable Diseases

Authors: William Huang, Markle Addis, Jocelyn Orta

Advisor: Dr. Guna Selvaduray

Diabetes is a serious disease affecting hundreds of thousands of Americans, and involves the body’s inability to produce or respond to insulin, which results in excess glucose accumulation throughout the body. Diabetic patients need glucose readers to make sure blood glucose levels are stable. Glucose readers have a hard time passing FDA approval due to being a class II device because they exhibit a moderate to high risk to the patient such as inaccurate measurements. Current methods for monitoring glucose levels also require the patient to draw blood, which is inconvenient compared to our proposed solution. We are researching the correlation between blood glucose levels and optical vasodilation. If blood glucose levels are proportional to optical vasodilation, we plan to create a non-invasive method which involves a external lens camera attached to any smartphone to produce clear, concise images of the eye to measure blood glucose levels.