Diabetes is the dysfunction of blood glucose regulation due to weak insulin signaling that affects millions of people. Current consumer level blood glucose monitors utilize an inconvenient invasive approach which requires the patient to draw blood for glucose concentrations. A novel non-invasive method simplifies the experience with a consumer grade camera and software. 2-D image analysis of the human eye identifies color variation in the sclera to measure blood vessel dilation. Images before and after a fast (24hr) showed significant changes in blood vessel coverage of the eye. Accurate quantification of blood vessel dilation shows potential for applications measuring cannabis consumption and detecting kidney diseases. Results warrant further investigation on the efficacy of the presented method.

Optical Vasodilation Defect Sensor

Advisor: Dr. Guna Selvaduray

Authors: Pranav Chhibber, Peter Tran, Jonathan Delos Reyes, Willam Huang