Abstract: Design and Fabrication of the Optically-Clear Test Section and Heart Valve

This research project aims to improve upon the test section, which is an essential component of the Mock Circulation Loop (MCL). The MCL is a vital instrument that tests the effectiveness of mechanical heart valves, but the MCL and mechanical heart valve is not within the spectrum of this project. This research project is divided into two main tasks. The first main task is to create a new test section improved in design compared to the current design, with an optically transparent material with a refractive index, ideally less than acrylic. The subtask for the first main task is to create a blood analogue, a concocted liquid with an optically-clear color. The refractive index for the blood analogue needs to match the test section and possess non-Newtonian properties of blood such as viscosity, for example. Finally, the second main task is to test for distortion between the blood analogue and the test section. The interaction between those two components should mimic blood interaction and motion in a vessel or organ.