Abstract: Green, Innovative, and Optimized Modular Packaging Design

Packaging design impacts every industry sector influencing areas of production costs, logistics, and the environment. From a business approach, identifying opportunities to streamline operations and evaluate the effectiveness of existing packaging design processes is always encouraged. Implementing an efficient and effective production process is a desirable attribute to many companies, and through optimization, this goal is attainable. This study’s significance will allow us to analyze the current design further and determine where improvements can be made. Nvidia has hundreds of active master carton packages used in production due to many different retail box requirements and specifications. In the presentation, we present recorded observations indicating that from all actively-used package types, several boxes exhibited identical or similar dimensions operating as unnecessary duplicates, which can be consolidated. We found that from the data collection and analysis of all the package types that are released and active in the company’s database, three categories of observations were identified, which include boxes that have identical dimensions, similar and/or varying measurements, as well as double volumes. The volume capacity among the master carton and multipack package types ranged from as little as a 1% difference to as large as a 40% difference indicating the potential to group similar boxes together based on dimensional criteria. Each defined category revealed an extensive list of packages that can be combined, allowing for a more organized database and standardized package sizes. Our results demonstrate how various master cartons and multipack boxes were identified to have identical or similar dimensions leading to the excessive amount of available packages. Duplicated package types should be considered being inactivated and consolidated, which in the interest of the company would be worth pursuing to achieve improved process efficiencies.